Francesca's Litter Born 23 August 2018

Photos taken at 4 weeks old.

B blue ladybird girl 4wks 0B5A3817B orange spots girl 4wks 0B5A3787B pink bee girl 4wks 0B5A3800B white stars girl 4wks 0B5A3777
B yellow panda girl 4wks 0B5A3808D Black paws boy 4wks 0B5A3748D Green paws boy 4wks 0B5A3754D Red paws boy 4wks 0B5A3761

birm nat 050517 ember red hot 0B5A4687b ice ice icicle 2yrs birthday 050217 newsham 0B5A3921

Sire: Sh.Ch. Ember Red Hot Chilipepper of Quensha (left)
Dam: Bardonhill Ice Ice Icicle JW (right)
3 Dogs and 5 Bitches