At last we are reaching the end of Lockdown and now looking forward to going to some shows again.
We have been very busy at home during the last 18 months working on new fencing,  buildings and landscaping.

Some great results for our hip scoring just completed. 
For the the first time we have used the Australian Veterinary Association / Australian National Kennel Club to score our dogs and they were so efficient,

Here are the results for the four dogs we submitted:
Bardonhill King Midas   AVA/ANKC Hip Score 3 : 3 = Total 6
Bardonhill Barbie Girl AVA/ANKC Hip Score 7 : 4  = Total 11
Bardonhill Somebody to Love AVA/ANKC Hip Score 5 : 5 =Total 10
Bardonhill River of Stars AVA/ANKC Hip Score 4 : 2  =Total 6

Also for the first time we used Breeder Imaging Services, near Spalding,  to take our x-rays and they were excellent too,

Hopefully some show news soon, fingers crossed.