A  Superb result for Bardonhill at the Irish Setter Breeders Club Championship Show 
on 26 March 2022
IMGL2122 PD Bardonhill Carry On Dick 002 isbc 2022 9mths oldPhoto: Colin Waddell
Bardonhill Carry on Dick
Phillip was awarded Best Puppy Dog
Sincere thanks to judge Brian Ross
Bardonhill Woven in Gold
Marigold was awarded 2nd Yearling Bitch
1st Maiden Bitch
1st Novice Bitch
1st Undergraduate Bitch
With thanks to judge Jane Mugford
Bardonhill Don't Stop Me Now
Freddie is co-owned in partnership with Elaine Gratton
and was awarded
1st Post Graduate Dog
Thanks again to judge Brian Ross