Tiffany's Puppies born 6 April 2017

Sire: Sh.Ch. Ember Red Hot Chilipepper of Quensha                      Dam: Bardonhill True Love Ways

11 Puppies, 5 Dogs and 6 Bitches our 'Sounds of the Sixties' again Litter
B its not unusual Boy snoopy 8wks 050617 0B5A5491B its not unusual Boy snoopy 8wks 050617 0B5A5493B its not unusual Boy snoopy 8wks 050617 0B5A5497
Bardonhill It's Not Unusual - Dog
Boy TJ 8wks 050617 0B5A5505Boy TJ2 8wks 050617 0B5A5519Boy TJ 8wks 050617 0B5A5515
Bardonhill Pearly Spencer - Dog
Boy pokemon 8wks 050617 0B5A5526Boy pokemon 8wks 050617 0B5A5534Boy pokemon 8wks 050617 0B5A5536
Bardonhill Let It Be Me - Dog
boy pacman 7wks 0B5A5215boy pacman 7wks 0B5A5222boy pacman 7wks 0B5A5223
Bardonhill It's Now or Never - Dog
boy mr men 7wks 0B5A5184boy mr men 7wks 0B5A5190boy mr men 7wks 0B5A5192
Bardonhill Glad All Over - Dog
Girl blooms 8wks 050617 0B5A5431Girl blooms 8wks 050617 0B5A5435Girl blooms 8wks head050617 0B5A5438
Bardonhill Living Doll - Bitch
Girl butterfly 8wks 050617 0B5A5543Girl butterfly 8wks 050617 0B5A5424Girl butterfly 8wks head050617 0B5A5429
Bardonhill Listen To Me - Bitch
Girl ladybird 8wks 050617 0B5A5461girl spot 9wks 0B5A5643girl spot 9wks 0B5A5646
Bardonhill Words of Love - Bitch
girl stars 9wks 0B5A5795girl stars 9wks 0B5A5803girl stars 9wks 0B5A5621
Bardonhill Poetry in Motion - Bitch
Girl hearts 8wks 050617 0B5A5480Girl hearts 8wks 050617 0B5A5486girl hearts 7wks 0B5A5172
Bardonhill Blue Moon - Bitch
spot girl 7.5 Weeks 0B5A5246trixie girl spot9wks 0B5A5657girl spot 9wks 0B5A5643
Bardonhill Theme For A Dream - Bitch