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My small but very successful kennel was founded in 1970.
My first litter was born in 1972 when I was living at Bardon Hill in Leicestershire - hence the origin of my kennel name.

Within my website I have included details of many of the dogs, past and present, from my line together with memories, pedigrees, photographs and records.
I hope you will agree that the history of this distinctive and most aristocratic breed of dog should be shared by all.

All the current Irish setters at Bardonhill can be traced back to the highly influential brood bitch Moyna April at Bardonhill, whelped in 1978, and bred by Barbara Birch.

I live with my partner Ian Newsham and together we run our own Computer Software Consultancy company. Our home is in the East of England and located in the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds.

Besides Irish Setters, our life is now also shared with two Smooth Collies, several Rescue cats, our rare breed Thrianta rabbits, chickens, not forgetting a couple of Cockatiels!

Whether you are seeking your first Irish Setter for a companion or you are an established exhibitor or breeder, trying to trace the ancestry of your line, I think you will find my website interesting.

Since our website was first established, several years ago, it has given me great pleasure to receive many emails from owners of descendants of Bardonhill Irish Setters and other lovers of the breed from all over the world.

We will continue to develop and restyle the many rapidly expanding pages of www.bardonhill.co.uk  We hope you will enjoy your journey through our history.

I am a long established Championship Show judge of Irish Setters and I was invited to judge Irish Setters at Crufts  in March 2011- the ultimate honour for a breed judge. It was a truly fantastic and memorable day.

All of our puppies are carefully pure bred Irish Setters with pedigrees we can trace back for many generations. All our stock is Hip Scored and Health Tested. 
We would never, ever, cross our Irish Setters with any other breed of dogs to create the so called 'Designer' breeds.. We abhore this production of cross-breeds and, besides endorsing all of our puppies 'Progeny Not Eligible For Registration', we will most definitely not sell any of our puppies to owners who we suspect may be going to breed in this way.

As my kennel approachs its 50th year of  exhibiting Irish Setters, we will  now only be having occasional litters.
We do, however, keep a waiting list for anyone who may wish to be kept informed of our breeding plans
See our Puppy page for the latest information on any forthcoming litters.

I will be pleased to offer help and advice on where to go to  find a quality puppy if you do not wish to wait.

Want to know more about Irish Setters?:
This is the Information Manual we give with all our puppies: Manual
A general guide for the novice Irish Setter purchaser  Puppy Buyers Guide

If you need help on any aspect of Irish Setter ownership you only have to get in touch.


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