Posy's Puppies

Born 26 July 2020

Sire: Sh.Ch. Bardonhill Eternal Flame Among Amberlight JW
Dam: Bardonhill Words of Love
6 Dogs and 4 Bitches

Bitch Lilac 8wks 0B5A2556Bardonhill Summer Song 7weeks 00B5A2381Bardonhill Summer Song 7weeks 00B5A2376
Bardonhill Summer Song - Lilac Collar Bitch
Bitch Pink 8wks 0B5A2581Bitch Pink 8wks 0B5A2598Bitch Pink 8wks 0B5A2592
Bardonhill My Summer Love - Pink Collar Bitch

Bitch Yellow 8wks 0B5A2614Bitch Yellow 8wks 0B5A2626Bitch Yellow 8wks 0B5A2625
Bardonhill Endless Summer - Yellow Collar Bitch

Bitch Jade 8wks 0B5A2640Bitch Jade 8wks 0B5A2668Bitch Jade 8wks 0B5A2667
Bardonhill Summer Breeze - Jade Collar Bitch

Dog Caramel 8wks 0B5A2441Dog Caramel 8wks 0B5A2449Dog Caramel 8wks 0B5A2447
Bardonhill Summer Storm - Caramel Collar Dog

Dog Dark Blue 8wks 0B5A2499 Dog Dark Blue 8wks 0B5A2505headstudy dark blue dog
Bardonhill Summer Forever - Dark Blue Collar Dog

Dog Green 8wks 0B5A2404 Dog green 7wks 0B5A2099Dog green 7wks 0B5A2093
Bardonhill Long Hot Summer - Green Collar Dog

 Dog Red 8wks 0B5A2460Dog red 7wks 0B5A2137Dog red 7wks 0B5A2146
Bardonhill Eternal Summer - Red Collar Dog

Dog Light Blue 8wks 0B5A2472Dog light blue 7wks 0B5A2178Dog light blue 7wks 0B5A2167
Bardonhill Summer Knight - Light Blue Collar Dog

Dog Orange 8wks 0B5A2425Dog Orange 8wks 0B5A2437Dog Orange 8wks 0B5A2430
Bardonhill Midsummer - Orange Collar Dog