Moyna April at Bardonhill

Moyna April at BardonhillClover

Bitch - Born 23 April 1978
Breeder: Barbara Birch
Owner: Marita Bott

The KC/BVA Mate Select COI for Clover  is: 3.5%
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Breeder Record

Whelped Four litters:

1. Born 7 May 1980 9 puppies
Sire: Sh.Ch.Scarletti Cockney Rebel


2. Born 6 March 1982 8 puppies
Sire: Sh.Ch.Scarletti Cockney Rebel

3. Born 27 October 1983 3 puppies
Sire: Sh.Ch. Wynjill Red Robin

4. Born 27 April 1985 6 puppies
Sire: Sh.Ch. Kerryfair Night Fever

Weight 61 lbs

Show Awards

Reserve Challenge Certificate ISCW 1986 Judge: Mrs B.Birch


Reserve Challenge Certificate East of England 1987 Judge: Mrs C. Heron

KCSB No: 2450BV 

Moyna April at Bardonhill Moyna April at Bardonhill 6 Months Moyna April at Bardonhill Ozzie  - Clover - Carrie  
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsG Great Grandparents
Moyna Jamie Wendover Murcury Wendover Derrycarne Pink Champagne Sh.Ch. Wendover Gentleman
Ir.Ch. Derrycarne Carlsberg
Wendover Scarlet Girl Of Kerrydene Wendover Fred
Wendover Change
Moyna Miss Molly Sh.Ch. Twoacres Troilus Sh.Ch. Wendover Gentleman
Musbury Melisande Of Twoacres
Sh.Ch. Morningstar Melanie Gormac Morning Sunrise
Lady Jane Of Cooksey
Sh.Ch. Rickerscot Bridget Maguire Sh.Ch. Scotswood Barabbas Wendover Game Watendlath Joao O'pandy
Sh.Ch. Wendover Kelly
Scotswood Hot Sensation Sh.Ch. Wendover Vagabond
Wendover Tritoma
Rickerscot Clover Colleen Gwas Bach Of Ballyrobin Sh.Ch. Wendover Beggar
Free Air Of Ballyrobin
Sowerhill Sally Croftdown Thor
Sowerhill Jilinda