Sh.Ch. Bardonhill Kiss-a-Gram


Bitch - Born 27th April 1985
Breeder: Marita Bott
Owner: Marita Bott
PRA DNA Tested (rcd-1) free
The   COI for Carrie is: 6.8%

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Brothers And Sisters:
Bardonhill April Love at Brayville
Bardonhill Nobody's Fool
Bardonhill Spring Fever
Bardonhill Spring Time
Bardonhill Superbrat

Breeder Record
1. Born:21/04/90 Sire: Free Spirit of Danaway 11 Puppies 
2. Born: 28/06/91  Sire: Sh.Ch.Laggan Glen Ettrick 13 Puppies
3. Born: 06/09/92   Sire: Barleydale Kalymnos 3 Puppies
Show Awards
Challenge Certificate & Best of Breed Leicester City 1989 Judge: Mrs L.Muir
Challenge Certificate Darlington 1989 Judge: Mrs B.Birch
Challenge Certificate Gundog Society Wales 1989 Judge: Mrs P.Butler-Holley 
Challenge Certificate Belfast 1989 Judge: Mrs R. Pike
Challenge Certificate NEEISC 1989 Judge: Mr B. Marshall
Challenge Certificate & Best of Breed Crufts 1990 Judge: Mrs A. Coupe
Reserve Challenge Certificate 3 Counties 1989 Judge: Mrs R. Pike
Reserve Challenge Certificate SEISC 1989 Judge: Mrs C. Heron
Reserve Challenge Certificate Richmond 1989 Judge Mrs B. Lincoln
Reserve Challenge Certificate Driffield 1989 Judge: Mr B. Lincoln

ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsG Great Grandparents
Sh.Ch. Kerryfair Night Fever Sh.Ch.Sowerhill Sahib Sh.Ch.Wendover Jeeves Sh.Ch. Wendover Ballymoss
Wendover Lupina
Sh.Ch. Sowerhill Sarah Sh.Ch. Stephenshill Gamebird
Sowerhill Samantha
Cornevon Spring Melody Wynjill Country Woodland Sh.Ch. Wynjill Red Robin
Sh.Ch. Cornevon Woodsprite
Cornevon Tamarind Sh.Ch. Twoacres Troilus
Sh.Ch. Cornevon Primrose
Moyna April At Bardonhill Moyna Jamie Wendover Mercury Wendover Derrycarne Pink Champagne
Wendover Scarlet Girl Of Kerrydene
Moyna Miss Molly Sh.Ch. Twoacres Troilus
Sh.Ch. Morningstar Melanie
Sh.Ch.Rickerscot Bridget Maguire Sh.Ch.Scotswood Barabbas Wendover Game
Scotswood Hot Sensation
Rickerscot Clover Colleen Gwas Bach Of Ballyrobin
Sowerhill Sally