Bardonhill Abta Sh.Ch. Bardonhill Afternoon D'Lite at Fernstart
Bardonhill Any Dream Will Do Bardonhill A Kind Of Magic With Juldeane
Bardonhill Bardolino by Anlory JW Bardonhill April Love at Brayville
Bardonhill Bertie Bott by Bridgella Bardonhill Barbie Girl
Bardonhill Carry on Dick  Bardonhill Bikini
Bardonhill Crafty Cockney by Scarletti Bardonhill Carrie Anne for Colemist
Bardonhill Daddy Cool Bardonhill Carry on Cleo
Bardonhill Don't Stop Me Now Bardonhill Come on Eileen
Sh.Ch. Bardonhill Eternal Flame Among Amberlight JW Bardonhill Co-Starring Anlory
Sh.Ch.Bardonhill Floating Moon into Glenlaine Sh.CM JW Bardonhill Cutie
Bardonhill Gamblin Willie JW Bardonhill Days Are Diamond JW
Sh.Ch.Bardonhill Ginger-Whinger JW Bardonhill Eeny Meeny of Thendara
Bardonhill Ginger Genius Bardonhill Endless Love to Kerryfair
Bardonhill Ginger Nut at Valasarch Bardonhill Fifi Lafolle
Bardonhill Grinning Bear Bardonhill Flaming June
Bardonhill Gyp Bardonhill Gingerella
Bardonhill It's Oh So Quiet Bardonhill Going For Gold at Dawnglo
Bardonhill Jealous Guy For Colemist Bardonhill Granny Mae
Bardonhill Jive Talkin Sh.Ch. Bardonhill Guilty Pleasure
Bardonhill King Midas Bardonhill Hetty Bayliss Among Margretwoods JW
Bardonhill Moon River Flows into Glenlaine JW Bardonhill Ice Diamond With Glenlaine
Bardonhill Mountain Song for Flinthill Bardonhill Ice Ice Icicle JW
Ir.Sh.Ch. Bardonhill Overboard Bardonhill Instant Replay
Bardonhill Pearly Spencer Bardonhill Ka-Ching
Bardonhill Revisited Sh.Ch. Bardonhill Kiss-a-Gram
Bardonhill Rivers of Time Bardonhill Kiss-Me-Quick
Bardonhill Rumpy Pumpy  Bardonhill Lady Aurelia at Copperwhite
Bardonhill Say it Quick Anlory Bardonhill Lavender Brown
Bardonhill Snow Wolf With Glenlaine Bardonhill Leaping Water over Anlory
Euro Ch. Bardonhill Stormfront Bardonhill Loveheart JW
Bardonhill Storm Moon Bardonhill Love of My Life
Sh,Ch, Bardonhill Supergrass JW Bardonhill Millionairess
Bardonhill Swift Eagle Bardonhill Mimi Seeku
Sh.Ch. Bardonhill Team Spirit at Wynjill Sh.Ch.Bardonhill Please Don’t Tease Quensha JW
Bardonhill The Hustler Conning Copperwhite Bardonhill Poetry In Motion With Deneil
Bardonhill Tom Foolery Bardonhill Rita Skeeter at Coppersheen
Bardonhill Top Gun Bardonhill River of Stars
Bardonhill Winds of Future Sh.Ch. Bardonhill Sea Breeze Over Thendara
Bardonhill You Don't Fool Me Sh.Ch. Bardonhill Singing Skies over Anlory JW
  Bardonhill Snow Joke
  Bardonhill Somebody To Love
  Sh.Ch. Bardonhill Splashdown
  Bardonhill Splash of Ginge
  Bardonhill Starlight
  Bardonhill Summer Song
  Bardonhill The Buzzword
  Bardonhill Lady Aurelia at Copperwhite
  Bardonhill's The New Ginger at Tiroen
  Bardonhill Tiger Paw
  Bardonhill True Love Ways
  Bardonhill Uptown Girl
  Bardonhill Wait Until Dark over Bencorragh
  Bardonhill Wishuwerere
  Bardonhill Words of Love
  Bardonhill Woven in Gold
Dogs owned but not bred by us: Bitches owned but not bred by us:
Andana Sidesaddle over Bardonhill Glenlaine Pink Cadillac at Bardonhill
Sh.Ch.Gwendariff D'ya Know My Name By Bardonhill JW Anlory Bmibaby Bardonhill JW
Kirkavagh Black Tie Affair at Bardonhill JW Anlory Chianti Del Bardonhill
Sh.Ch. Shenanagin Some Might Say it's Bardonhill JW Barleydale Ooh-la-la it's Bardonhill
Titiandale They All Laughed at Bardonhill Gwendariff Such A Carry on at Bardonhill JW
  Moyna April at Bardonhill