Sh.Ch. Bardonhill Guilty Pleasure

guilty pleasure_8wks_lilc_101112_MG_1367Tabitha

Bitch - Born 17 September 2012
Breeder: Marita Bott
Owner: Marita Bott
DNA Test PRA (rcd-1) Hereditarily Clear 
DNA Test PRA (rcd-4)Tested Clear 
DNA Test CLAD Hereditarily Clear

The KC/BVA Mate Select COI for Tabitha is: 14.0%
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Our 'Bardonhill Goes to the Movies' litter

Litter Brothers and Sisters

Bardonhill Top Gun
Bardonhill Wizard of Oz
Bardonhill Educating Rita
Bardonhill Brief Encounter
Bardonhill on Moonlight Bay
Bardonhill Edge of Heaven
Bardonhill Wait Until Dark over Bencorragh
Bardonhill Addicted to Love
Bardonhill The Heiress

Show Awards

Best Puppy Bitch North East of England Irish Setter Club 06/04/13
Bitch Challenge Certificate winner at Darlington 20/09/15
Bitch Challenge Certificate winner at East of England 10/07/16
Res. Bitch Challenge Certifiate, Midlands Irish Setter Society 2018
Bitch Challenge Certificate winner at Birmingham National 12/05/18

Breeder Record

Dam of one litter born 16/06/17 Sire: Gwendariff D'ya Know My Name By Bardonhill JW 7 puppies 1 Dog & 6 Bitches COI:15.4%

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Serrula Playaround at Orstone

DNA Test CLAD Hereditarily Clear
DNA Test GPRA rcd-1 Clear
DNA Test PRA rcd-4:Clear
Sh.Ch. Orstone Interceptor Shandwick Diamond at Orstone Sh.Ch. Caspians Intrepid
Withersdale Crystal Maze at Shandwick
Orstone Memphis Mist JW Sh.Ch. Konakakela Zagar by Romarne
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Serrula Angelique Reddins Nolan Reddins Niall
Reddins Matilda
Serrula Nazomi Red Mountain By Caskeys
Sh.Ch.Withersdale Songbird of Serrula
Bardonhill Mimi Seeku
DNA Tested CLAD - Clear
DNA Test GPRA rcd-1 Hereditarily Clear
DNA Test PRA rcd-4:Carrier
KC/BVA Hip Score: 7: 3
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