Barleydale Ooh-la-la it's Bardonhill


Bitch - Born 10 October 1984
Breeder: Sheila Vant
Owner: Marita Bott


Dam of one litter born:20/03/87 14 Puppies
Sire: Sh.Ch.Kerryfair Night Fever

The KC/BVA Mate Select COI for Gracie is: 8.4%
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Breeder Record


Show Awards

Junior Warrant 1992 winner of the Dog World Top Brood Bitch competition

ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsG Great Grandparents
Sh.Ch.Bardonhill Supergrass Sh.Ch.Scarletti Cockney Rebel Mustard Seed Barleydale Lucetta
Sh.Ch.Twoacres Troilus
Sh.Ch. Cornevon Stargem Sh.Ch. Cornevon Primrose
Sh.Ch.Scotswood Barabbas
Moyna April at Bardonhill Margretwoods Conductress Bridget of Castleoak
Wendover Murcury
Moyna Jamie Moyna Miss Molly
Sh.Ch.Scotswood Barabbas
Barleydale Mopsa Barleydale Barnadine Sh.Ch. Rickerscot Bridget Maguire Rickerscot Clover Colleen
Sh.Ch.Twoacres Troilus
Crimbledale Commanchero Brackenfield Fan
Sh.Ch. Wendover Gentleman
Barleydale Sh.Ch. Twoacres Teresa Musbury Melisande of Twoacres
Sh.Ch. Wendover Jeeves
Sh.Ch. Sowerhill Sahib Sh.Ch. Sowerhill Sarah
Sh.Ch.Twoacres Troilus