Titiandale They All Laughed at Bardonhill


Dog - Born 16 September 1993
Breeders: Peter & Chantal Walker
Owner: Marita Bott & Ian Newsham
KC/AHT CLAD Tested Clear
DNA Tested PRA (rcd-1) free
BVA/KC Certificate of Eye Examination
The  COI for Julian is: 12.3%

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Brother and Sisters
Titiandale Breakfast at Tea
Titiandale Always
Titiandale Charade
Titiandale Funny Face
Titiandale My Fair Lady
Titiandale The Unforgiven
Titiandale Two For The Road
Titiandale Wait Until Dark

Breeder Record:
1. Born 30 /04/98 dam: Bardonhill Water Jasmine 9 puppies
2. Born 06/01/99 dam Scarletti Lawdy Miss Clawdy 8 puppies
3. Born 07/03/99 dam: Thendara Diana at Scotselaw 6 puppies

Show Awards
Championship Show 1st prize winner

ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsG Great Grandparents
Sh.Ch. Marksway Marquis Andana Jake Sh.Ch. Sowerhill Nobleman Sh.Ch. Jason Of Andana Of Clonageera
Fearnley Fireember
Andana Spring Day Westerhuy's Dutch Impression
Clonageera Trisha Of Andana
Andana Super Noodle Sh.Ch. Bardonhill Supergrass Sh.Ch. Scarletti Cockney Rebel
Moyna April At Bardonhill
Clonageera Trisha Of Andana Sh.Ch. Jason Of Andana Of Clonageera
Clonageera Tamoretta
Sh.Ch. Bardonhill Splashdown Sh.Ch. Kerryfair Night Fever Sh.Ch. Sowerhill Sahib Sh.Ch. Wendover Jeeves
Sh.Ch. Sowerhill Sarah
Cornevon Spring Melody Wynjill Country Woodland
Cornevon Tamarind
Barleydale Ooh La La It's Bardonhill Sh.Ch. Bardonhill Supergrass Sh.Ch. Scarlett Cockney Rebel
Moyna April At Bardonhill
Barleydale Mopsa Barleydale Barnadine
Barleydale Mustard Seed