Ir.Sh.Ch. Bardonhill Overboard

Ir.Sh.Ch. Bardonhill OverboardPip

Dog - Born 20 March 1987
Breeder: Mrs M.Bott
Owner: Miss C.M. Loughlin


KC/BVA Hip Score 4 : 6
KC/AHT DNA Tested Clear CLAD
KC/AHT DNA Tested PRA (rcd-1) free

The KC/BVA Mate Select COI for Pip is: 11.0%
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Brothers and Sisters

Bardonhill Bikini
Bardonhill Coral Sea
Bardonhill Ebbtide
Bardonhill Hello Sailor
Bardonhill High Tide
Bardonhill Making Waves
Bardonhill Sailing-Bye
Bardonhill Sea Breeze
Bardonhill Sea Pearl
Bardonhill Splashdown
Bardonhill Sporty Shrimp
Bardonhill Sunbather
Bardonhill Windsurfer

Breeder Record


Show Awards

Reserve Challenge Certificate Belfast ISC1990
Judge - Mrs R Ellis Reserve Challenge Certificate Belfast 1990 Judge - Miss J Russell
Reserve Challenge Certificate Border Union 1991 Judge - Mr R Harrison
Reserve Challenge Certificate GBAS 1994 Judge - Mrs L Dale
11 Green Stars
1 Reserve Green Star
Junior Warrant
N.I. Show Dog of the Year 1989
N.I. Gundog of the Year 1991
Irish Annual champion 1992

ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsG Great Grandparents
Sh.Ch. Kerryfair Night Fever Sh.Ch. Sowerhill Sahib Sh.Ch. Wendover Jeeves Sh.Ch. Wendover Ballymoss
Wendover Lupina
Sh.Ch. Sowerhill Sarah Sh.Ch. Stephenshill Gamebird
Sowerhill Samantha
Cornevon Spring Melody Wynjill Country Woodland Sh.Ch. Wynjill Red Robin
Sh.Ch. Cornevon Woodsprite
Cornevon Tamarind Sh.Ch. Twoacres Troilus
Sh.Ch. Cornevon Primrose
Barleydale Ooh La La It's Bardonhill Sh.Ch. Bardonhill Supergrass Sh.Ch. Scarletti Cockney Rebel Sh.Ch. Cornevon Stargem
Margretwoods Conductress
Moyna April At Bardonhill Moyna Jamie
Sh.Ch. Rickerscot Bridget Maguire
Barleydale Mopsa Barleydale Barnadin Crimbledale Commanchero
Sh.Ch. Twoacres Teresa
Barleydale Mustard Seed Sh.Ch. Sowerhill Sahib
Barleydale Lucetta