Anlory Bmibaby Bardonhill JW

Anlory Bmibaby Bardonhill JWBebe

Bitch - Born: 23 October 2002
Breeders: Nigel Naylor & Jane Morrison

Hereditarily Clear PRA-(rcd-1)
KC/AHT Tested Carrier of PRA (rcd4)
KC/AHT DNA Tested CLAD Clear
KC/BVA Hip Score  7 : 7

The KC/BVA Mate Select COI for Bebe  is: 21.8%
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Litter Brothers & Sisters

Breeder Record

Dam of three litters:
1. Born 29 August 2006 8 puppies Sire: Bardonhill Storm Moon
Bardonhill Song of Wyoming
Bardonhill Gold and Beyond
Bardonhill Mountain Song
Bardonhill Ravens Child
Bardonhill Days Are Diamond
Bardonhill Perhaps Love
Bardonhill Dear Esmerelda
Bardonhill Singing Skies

2. Born 5 September 2007 9 puppies Sire: Sh.Ch.Caskeys Concept at Aoibheanne JW
Bardonhill Mimi Seeku
Bardonhill Peeping Fawn
Bardonhill Squash Blossom
Bardonhill Tiger Tulip
Bardonhill Dancing Swan
Bardonhill Leaping Water
Bardonhill Grinning Bear
Bardonhill Brave Fox
Bardonhill Shining Wolf

3. Born 30 June 2009 8 puppies Sire: Kerryfair Snow Fox JW
Bardonhill Fooling Around
Bardonhill Tom Foolery
Bardonhill Fine'N Dandy
Bardonhill Just The Ticket
Bardonhill Swift Eagle
Bardonhill Floating Moon
Bardonhill Tiger Paw
Bardonhill Ka-Ching

Show Awards

Junior Warrant
KCSB No:4237CN

Anlory Bmibaby Bardonhill JW Anlory Bmibaby Bardonhill JW Anlory Bmibaby Bardonhill JW Anlory Bmibaby Bardonhill JW Anlory Bmibaby Bardonhill JW
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsG Great Grandparents
Bardonhill Abta Sh.Ch. Thendara The Tourist Sh.Ch. Thendara Kennedy Sh.Ch. Thendara Okay Yaa
Bardonhill Bikini
Bardonhill Eeny Meeny of Thendara Sh.Ch. Shandwick Star Carrier
Bardonhill Instant Replay
Bardonhill Snow Joke Sh.Ch. Shenanagin Stockbroker Sh.Ch. Bardonhill Team Spirit At Wynjill
Sh.Ch. Shenanagin Sugar And Spice
Bardonhill Kiss-Me-Quick Free Spirit Of Danaway
Sh.Ch. Bardonhill Kiss-a-Gram
Anlory Minervois Bardonhill Say it Quick Anlory Sh.Ch. Shenanagin Some Might Say it's Bardonhill JW Sh.Ch. Thendara Kennedy
Sh.Ch. Fetteresk Take That to Shenanagin
Bardonhill Kiss-Me-Quick Free Spirit of Danaway
Sh.Ch.Bardonhill Kiss-A-Gram
Bardonhill Co-starring Anlory Barleydale Kalymnos Sh.Ch. Barleydale Pascali
Barleydale Mishap
Sh.Ch. Bardonhill Kiss-a-Gram Sh.Ch. Kerryfair Night Fever
Moyna April At Bardonhill