Bardonhill Abta

Bardonhill Abta Photo: Ian NewshamClive

Dog - Born: 1 July 2000
Breeder: Marita Bott
Owner: Marita Bott


Eyes Examined under BVA/KC/ISDS Scheme
KC/BVA Hip Dysplasia Scheme Score: 7 : 8
KC/BVA Elbow Dysplasia Scheme Score: 0
Hereditarily Clear of PRA (rcd-1)

The KC/BVA Mate Select COI for Clive is: 14.3%
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Brothers and Sisters

Bardonhill The Sightseer
Bardonhill Fly-Drive
Bardonhill Just Cruising
Bardonhill on Tour
Bardonhill Beeanbee
Bardonhill Wishuwerere
Bardonhill Holiday Romance
Bardonhill Day Tripper

Breeder Record


Sire of one litter Born 23 October 2002 dam: Anlory Minervois

Show Awards

Championship Show first prize winner


Bardonhill Abta Bardonhill Abta Bardonhill Abta Bardonhill Abta Bardonhill Abta
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsG Great Grandparents
Sh.Ch.Thendara The Tourist Sh.Ch.Thendara Kennedy Sh.Ch.Thendara Okay Yaa Sh.Ch. Clonageera Genesis
Sh.Ch. Bardonhill Sea Breeze Over Thendara
Bardonhill Bikini Sh.Ch. Kerryfair Night Fever
Barleydale Ooh La La It's Bardonhill
Bardonhill Eeny Meeny Of Thendara Sh.Ch. Shandwick Star Carrier Sh.Ch. Twoacres Gold Eagle
Sh.Ch. Shandwick Silver Spray
Bardonhill Instant Replay Sh.Ch. Scarletti Cockney Rebel
Moyna April At Bardonhill
Bardonhill Snow Joke Sh.Ch. Shenanagin Stockbroker Sh.Ch. Bardonhill Team Spirit At Wynjill Free Spirit Of Danaway
Sh.Ch. Bardonhill Kiss-a-Gram
Sh.Ch. Shenanagin Sugar And Spice Wendover Raffles
Shenanagin Shilling
Bardonhill Kiss-me-Quick Free Spirit Of Danaway Sh.Ch. Wendover Colas
Westerhuys Dutch Spirit
Sh.Ch. Bardonhill Kiss-a-Gram Sh.Ch.Kerryfair Night Fever
Moyna April At Bardonhill