Sh.Ch. Bardonhill Please Don't Tease
Quensha JW 


Bitch - Born 9 November 2011
Breeders: Marita Bott
Owner: Richard Bott, Anthony Allen  & Angela Morgan
DNA Test PRA (rcd-1) Hereditarily Clear 
DNA Test PRA (rcd-4) Hereditarily Clear 
DNA Test CLAD Hereditarily Clear
KC/BVA Hip Score 4 : 4
The KC/BVA Mate Select COI for Paige is: 12.5%

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Our 'Sounds of the Sixties' Litter  

Litter Brothers and Sisters:
Bardonhill Just One Look
Bardonhill Magic Moments
Bardonhill Man of Mystery
Bardonhill Mighty Quinn
Bardonhill True Love Ways
Bardonhill All My Loving
Bardonhill Moon River Flows into Glenlaine
Bardonhill Carrie Anne
Bardonhill Brown Eyed Girl

Breeder Record:
1. Born 02/02/16 Sire: Sh.Ch. Ember Red Hot Chilipepper of Quensha 10 puppies
2. Born:06/02/18 Sire:Sh.Ch. Ember Red Hot Chilipepper of Quensha 8 puppies
3. Born:24/05/19 Sire: Copper's War of Roses 9 puppies

Show Awards
Pup of the Year Qualifier at Three Counties Championship Show 08/06/12
Junior Warrant
Res.CC & Res.BIS: Irish Setter Club Breeders Club 2015 - Judge: Mrs R Pickersgill
CC Scottish Kennel Club 2015 - Judge: Mr K Young
Res.CC: Three Counties 2015- Judge: Miss R Box
Res. CC. Paignton 2015- Judge: Mr B Grace
CC & Res. BIS Joint Irish Setter Clubs 2015- Judge: Mr N Naylor
CC, BOB & Group 3: National Gundog 2015 - Judge Mrs A Callister
CC Belfast 2015 - Mr S Hollings
Res.CC Driffield 2015- Mrs S Littlechild
CC South Wales Kennel Association - Mr K Lewis
Res. CC Midland Counties  2015- Mrs G Bye
CC Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland 2015- Mrs R Cox
Res.CC Darlington - Mrs P Stockton
CC Leeds 2016 - Mrs C Butler
CC Richmond 2016 - Mrs E Wall
CC: Driffield 2016 - Mrs S Sturrock
CC Irish Setter Association England 2016- Mrs T Gisby
CC South Wales Kennel Association 2016 - Mr T Drinkwater
CC North East England Irish Setter Club 2016 - Mrs L Murray-Hogsflesh
Res.CC Midland Counties 2016 - Mrs P Williams
Res.CC Boston 2017 - Mrs C Coode
Res.CC Crufts 2017 - Mrs P Smith
CC Irish Setter Club of Scotland 2017 -Mrs P Butler-Holley
Res CC Birmingham National 2017- Mrs L Salamon
CC Three Counties 2017 - Miss S Waterton
CC Border Union 2017 - Mr D Hopewell
CC & BOB Leeds 2017 - Mrs M Webb
CC & Best in Show Irish Setter Association, England 2018 - Mrs R Pike
CC & BOB South Wales Kennel Association , Mr J Daltry
CC  Boston & DCS 2020, Mr R McMaster

ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsG Great Grandparents
Lynwood Kiss Chase at Caervista

DNA Test CLAD Hereditarily Clear 
DNA Test GPRA rcd-1 Clear 
DNA Test PRA rcd-4:Clear
KC/BVA Hip Score:  3:3
Copper's Bubbleande Glad Bright Soul's Glad All Over Withersdale World Wide Web
Bright Soul's Crown of High Society
Balintyne Copper's Home N Dry Sh.Ch. Caskeys Vaguely Scottish
Sh.Ch. Aniara
Sh.Ch. Lynwood Sealed with A Kiss JW Sh.Ch.Konakakela Zagar by Romarne Sh.Ch.Reddins Ferdinand
Sh.Ch.Andana Jemimah
Sh.Ch. Lynwood Timeltell Sh.Ch. Caspians Intrepid
Lynwood Megastar
Bardonhill Days Are Diamond JW

DNA Test CLAD - Clear
DNA Test GPRA rcd-1 Hereditarily Clear
DNA Test PRA rcd-4:Clear
KC/BVA Hip Score:  7: 8
Bardonhill Storm Moon Caskeys Persuader from Amberlight Sh.Ch. Amberlight Firecracker JW
Caskeys Sandpiper
Bardonhill Flaming June Sh.Ch. Shenanagin Some Might Say it's Bardonhill JW
Bardonhill Kiss-Me-Quick
Anlory Bmibaby Bardonhill JW Bardonhill Abta Sh.Ch. Thendara The Tourist
Bardonhill Snow Joke
Anlory Minervois Bardonhill Say it Quick Anlory
Bardonhill Co-Starring Anlory