Bardonhill Gamblin Willie JW


Owner/Breeder: Marita Bott
Born: 2 January 2010
KC/BVA Hip Score: 7 : 5
KC/AHT Tested Clear of PRA (rcd4)
Hereditarily Clear of PRA rcd 1
Hereditarily Clear of CLAD
The KC/BVA Mate Select COI for Vernon  is: 14.9%

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Brothers and Sisters
Bardonhill The Hustler Conning Copperwhite
Bardonhill Granny Mae

Breeder Record

Show Awards
Junior Warrant and KC Stud Book No: 0054CW
1st Graduate Dog Crufts 09/03/12
1st Graduate Dog Three Counties 08/06/12
1st Graduate Dog East of England 07/07/12 
1st Graduate Dog National Gundog Ch., 04/08/12
1st Post Graduate Dog Border Union Ch. 15/06/13
1st Post Graduate Dog Joint ISC Ch 14/07/13 

ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsG Great Grandparents
Thendara Kramer

KC/AHT Hereditarily Clear of PRA rcd-1
KC/AHT Hereditarily Clear of CLAD
Sh.Ch.Scotselaw Detroit Spinner by Thendara JW Sh.Ch. Thendara The Tourist Sh.Ch. Thendara Kennedy
Bardonhill Eeny Meeny at Thendara
Scotselaw Chocoholic Covarney Chocolate Mousse
Scotselaw Hollywood Madam
Thendara Miss Dior Sh.Ch. Thendara Don Corleone
(Hips: 11: 9)
Scarletti Smooth Criminal
Greer Paige of Thendara
Thendara Miss Selfridge Sh.Ch. Thendara Kennedy
Thendara Love Letter
Bardonhill Cutie

KC/AHT Hereditarily Clear of PRA rcd-1
KC/AHT Hereditarily Clear of CLAD
KC/BVA Hip Score:  5:7
Caskeys Persuader from Amberlight
(Hips: 6:8)
Sh.Ch. & Ir.Sh.Ch. Amberlight Firecracker Sh.Ch.Caskeys Blarney
Canduoney Bermuda Rose from Amberlight
Caskeys Sandpiper Dnalwen Crystal Rummer
Sh.Ch. Caskeys Humming Bird
Bardonhill Flaming June
(Hips: 7:4)
Sh.Ch.Shenanagin Some Might Say it's Bardonhill JW
(Hips: 7:5)
Sh.Ch. Thendara Kennedy
Sh.Ch. Fetteresk Take That to Shenanagin
Bardonhill Kiss-Me-Quick Free Spirit of Danaway
Sh.Ch. Bardonhill Kiss-a-Gram